Textile wall sticker - SAFARI above the bed

Textile wall sticker - SAFARI above the bed Textile wall sticker - SAFARI above the bed Textile wall sticker - SAFARI above the bed
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The size after affixing the sticker to the wall is h. 93 x w. 200 cm.


INSPIO’s original SAFARI collection was created in collaboration with designer Mona Tomassi from the Mona Tomassi Studio..

Mona is a Polish designer that lives and creates in Spain. She paints aquarelle designs on textiles and prints in her studio, which she converts to a digital form. She has been painting since the age of 15 and designed fabric designs for the well-known Sinsay Kids brand.

You can find out more about Mona and her production in INSPIO interview. You can read why she decided on the aquarelle technique, how the process of its creation looks like and why drawing a parrot was the biggest challenge.

The collection is part of the INSPIO ORIGINAL brand as part of artist collaboration with designers and illustrators. You will not find these stickers and image designs in any other e-shop.

INSPIO wall stickers.

  • Special foil INSPIOTEX.
  • INSPIO stickers are suitable also for rough plaster.
  • Restickable wall stickers.
  • INSPIO stickers are printed on TOP eco-friendly SWISS 4 printer.
  • Careful preparation, professional production, and the perfect outcome.
  • Create a new home with INSPIO.

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Restickable wall stickers

Textile wall sticker

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INSPIO wall stickers
The stickers are made from a firm special foil that resembles textile and is pleasant to touch. The stickers can be re-used multiple times and are washable with water.

High-quality stickers are printed with eco-friendly colours that are safe to use. Stickers are suitable for the little ones, making it an ideal option to every room used by kids or teenagers, living or bedrooms.

Sticking to the wall is straightforward, you do not need adhesive. Handling stickers is easy and fast. If they stick together, you can simply unstick them.