Wall sticker with a name - Bunny with flowers

Wall sticker with a name - Bunny with flowers
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Write the name you’d like on the sticker to this note. If you don’t want a name on the sticker, please write “NO NAME”

The size after affixing the sticker (as pictured) is h. 94 x w. 140 cm.

Parts of the sticker – bunny, garland and a name are stuck separately. Affix the stickers as pictured on the photo or according to your own design.

INSPIO wall stickers
The stickers are made from a firm special foil that resembles textile and is pleasant to touch. The stickers can be re-used multiple times and are washable with water.

High-quality stickers are printed with eco-friendly colours that are safe to use. Stickers are suitable for the little ones, making it an ideal option to every room used by kids or teenagers, living or bedrooms.

Sticking to the wall is straightforward, you do not need adhesive. Handling stickers is easy and fast. If they stick together, you can simply unstick them.