Kid’s wall sticker - Forest animals with apples

Kid’s wall sticker - Forest animals with apples
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You can affix this sticker separately on a wall or use it as a background above the bed.

The size after affixing the sticker (layout as shown in the picture) is h. 90 x w. 110 cm.


INSPIO’s original collection was created in collaboration with illustrator Martina Gabaríková from

Slovak illustrator Martina has taken a winding road to arrive at digital creation. She enjoyed drawing since childhood but only began actively creating after a car accident. She primarily draws children and playful animal motifs and has recently finished illustrating a children’s book.

Read more about Martina in the INSPIO interview. Learn about the most significant challenge she faced in her life till she found her fulfilment in creation and illustrations and how she enjoyed the process of creating a collection for INSPIO.

The collection is a part of the INSPIO ORIGINAL brand as part of artist collaboration with designers and illustrators. You will not find these stickers and image designs in any other e-shop.